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Office furniture, file storage, desk chairs and work stations that provide just the right space and stand the test of time are classics.

Workplace Resource embraces the new but understands when classic design is just the right fit.

Herman Miller, Eames Molded Fiberglass Chair

Thanks to a new proprietary process of producing fiberglass, Herman Miller is once again able to produce the Eames original 1950 Molded Fiberglass Chair safely by means of a less volatile, monomer-free “dry bind” process. Like the original shell chairs, our new fiberglass finish has the same covetable surface variation and telltale fiberglass striation that have attracted avid vintage collectors for decades.

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Herman Miller, Nelson Swag

Herman Miller decided to reintroduce the classic Nelson swag leg group because the distinctive group has the look, scale, and function just right for today, 50 years after George Nelson designed them. The size of the desk is perfect for a laptop and MP3 dock and makes efficient use of space in your home or office. The tables work well in offices and meeting spaces and in your dining area at home.

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Herman Miller, Eames Aluminum Group

The lithe chairs of the Eames Aluminum Group have been a popular design since their introduction in 1958. And no wonder. The graceful silhouette sits equally well in all kinds of home and workplace interiors.

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