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So…what if we could take the best of both worlds?

Conventional construction has a main benefit: ease of customization. The drawbacks are cost uncertainties, construction schedule overruns due to the overlap in scope, and the lack of skilled trades.

Mass production (demountable walls of the past) has the benefits of being manufactured in a controlled environment. The drawbacks are the size and design being dictated by a manufacturer, and the lack of aesthetics.

DIRTT takes the best of the construction world (ability to customize) and the best of the mass production world (automated manufacturing with speed, efficiencies and price certainty) and ties them together to create manufactured construction.

Driven by cutting edge technology, the ICE® software platform developed by DIRTT is at the core of what we do. ICE® looks and acts like a 3D video game where you can explore and modify your design. Behind the scenes, it’s doing the heavy lifting of specifying, pricing and actually building the elements you design. If you make a change, all that data changes in real-time. What you see is what you get – to the penny and within a decimal point of a millimeter, automatically.


Experience the freedom of self-expression and create interiors exactly how you imagine them. Projects with wide parameters, unique angles, specific finishes, complex building challenges, sustainability mandates and bespoke elements can all be fully accommodated. Our solutions are made-to-measure in a controlled factory setting that guarantees a consistent fit and finish for your unique conditions. DIRTT interiors are appropriate for commercial, education, healthcare, government and residential environments.

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DIRTT Millwork is fully customizable, modular cabinetry that works for nearly any application – healthcare, corporate, residential, education, or government. Hands-free drawers, secure lockers, non-splash-back sinks, overheads, Java Center cabinetry and countertops are some of the many ways DIRTT Millwork can become what you need, in the size you need, at the speed you need. It all hangs from the horizontal support in DIRTT Walls, ready to move if needed.

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The DIRTT Timber Frame solution uses a combination of glue laminated engineered wood (glulams) and cross-laminated timber (CLTs) available in completely customizable shapes and sizes. Each timber is connected through a series of wood connections and precisely dimensioned to create structures that are built to last for true sustainability. Using superior European materials sculpted under the supervision of expert craftsmen, DIRTT delivers a solution that is scalable to any location, integrates with DIRTT’s existing solutions, founded in technology and its beauty is unmatched.

Leaf Folding Wall

Leaf hinged sliding wall can be implemented into new DIRTT wall systems and retrofitted into existing installations. Hanging from a ceiling track, Leaf is designed to be durable and easy to implement. Leaf hinged panels have been designed to work with all types of walls; solid, glass, and stacked walls are all capable of being in a Leaf elevation.

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Power and Networks

Power Distribution
DIRTT Power is a quick-connect, pre-tested and adaptable solution. With DIRTT Power, all your electrical requirements arrive on-site in the correct lengths with factory-built components ready to go. The journeyman does connections in one location while less expensive tradesmen click the connections together. If you need to move any of your outlets around later, your facilities team simply unplugs and plugs without disrupting the rest of the chain.

Network Distribution
DIRTT Passive Optical Networks (PON) leverages single mode fiber for a superior network solutions beyond any copper cabling. PON is a factory built, pre-tested and componentized approach to building sustainable network infrastructure. Similar to DIRTT Power, when you order DIRTT Networks all data requirements arrive on the job site cut to the correct lengths and with components ready to go. A PON deployment can be half the cost of copper.

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Low Profile Access Floor

DIRTT’s low-profile access floor supports modular power and network infrastructures (though at just two and five-eighths inches high, it doesn’t support HVAC). The DIRTT floor is sturdy, quiet and easy to install and access. Its low profile means you don’t noticeably lose ceiling height, yet you’ll have a 21st century technology infrastructure at your feet ready to adapt to any of your clients’ needs.

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